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This year, Adidas organized the throw ceremony called “Julong Ring”. Its purpose was to amass more faith and power to cheer for Chinese athletes This work stood many benefits, such as carrying a heap of people’s sports desire and standing for the acclamation of China

Adidas Has Launched Its 2012 ?Julong Ring?

Adidas Has Launched Its 2012 ?Julong Ring?

On July 17, 2012, Adidas held the grand ceremony of the “Julong Ring” in Sanlitun, Beijing The purpose of it was to accrue the faith and tightness of the 1.3 billion’s heirs of the dragon. Afterwards; it is going to try its boon to cheer the athletes of China on In the data ceremony of Adidas’s “Julong Ring”, many Adidas’s brand spokesmen all took slice in it, such as Fan Bingbing and Yaochen who were international stars, Zhang Zilin who was one of the Miss World, Tianliang who was the former international protector of diving as well as Zhao Ruirui and Yang Hao who were invalid players of the universe volleyballAs for some society celebrities, they all made positive passion to this dub at the twin circumstance In behest to stimulate supplementary people to put on the “Julong Ring” of Adidas, they all adopted the hands-on approach. In the summer of this year, you can cheer for Chinese athletes and enjoy fresh infinite sensation that commit be brought by sports. As for its inspiration, it stemmed from the totem, which stood for the power of China, and then the solemn color of the civic banderol was its frill Adidas “Julong Ring” carried the sports dream of hundreds of millions of kinsfolk and the glory of China We are going to homogenize all powers closely followed by the further expectation of the four-year one. Moreover, we are besides going to open a new hope for harvesting greater gloryAdidas Group’s managing employer in China called Mr Colin Currie said: “For additional than eighty years, Adidas always adhere to provide the most advanced products, services and device philosophies for the world’s blessing athletes”. And the helped them go beyond one after another peaks. This year, we specially made the “Julong Ring” this dream carrier for Chinese customers We looked brazen to joining hands with all folks to make vast efforts to cheer for Chinese athletes in this summer. In addition, we dram them to scale the sports blessing once supplementary Adidas not only released the “Julong Ring”, because in the meanwhile, it launched the “put complete efforts so that the dragon can move” 360-degree marketing undertaking as wellFrom now until August 12, Adidas will freely provide customers with “Julong Ring” in appointed retail outlets nationwide If you login the wwwchinaisallincom website and input the serial character inside the “Julong Ring”, and then you can earn the opportunity to participate in sketch a lottery. What’s more, there consign be chances for you to get Adidas’s fine equipments for sports There also leave be “drive dragons to move” and additional activities at the same occasion If you deficiency to recognize further details, you can visit the undertaking website In the meantime of assembly all forces to assistance Chinese athletes, Adidas furthermore looked shameless to expecting to aid those who needful caring and helping navvy in this way.

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