Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Bulgari Save the Children Ring

Bulgari has created three special trinkets for our 125th year anniversary , of which $60 bequeath go to Save the Children’s “Rewrite the Future” campaign. Bulgari’s ultimate goal is to lift 10 million for Save the Children by the closing of 2009, of which 1 million entrust be donated in instance to kick off the initiative Wholesale Jewelry

Bulgari Save the Children Ring

Bulgari Save the Children Ring

Save the Children is one of the largest independent international organizations for the defense and championing of children’s rights; they are bestowed in over 100 countries around the cosmos 925 Sterling Silver Rings

The Rewrite the Future campaign is committed to providing level learning to 8 million heirs living in conflict-affected areas by the end of 2010. Jewelry manufacturer

This time, the SAVE THE CHILDREN LARGE squad circle from Bulgari is made of sterling silver, paying salutation to Sotirio Bulgari, Clean Sterling Silver,  the company’s founder who began as a silversmith in the 1800s, and plane Save the Children’s logo engraved Its pile is 039″ (10mm). The special edition circle is furthermore available with insignificant party of 031″ Silver Rings For Men


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