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Designers and artisans use beads for jewelry creation to make pieces that are to be worn either on special occasions or for everyday use. If you are interested in crafting there are different kinds of beads that you can use for your craft

Various Beads for Jewelry Making

Various Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads of a variety of materials are available in the doorstep for jewelry moulding These are highly popular among artists, hobbyists, and craftsmen. The leading reason for its marketability is the mark of cool- associated with this kimd of jewelry. The lustre and shine of bead jewelry is remarkably beguiling There are several varieties of beads available in the doorstep for manufacture jewelry

Acrylic Beads

These are the most profuse kimd available The title applies to all those beads that are prepared from plastic, resin, polymers and synthetic material. The basis for their popularity springs from the irradiate weight suitable for wearing and for being the least expensive. The most in demand are pony and bicones in miscellaneous banner and synthetic akin Resin beads are also plastic but usually hold a concoction of textile or fresh related to present them the adorn engender There are Lucite beads that are made from an especially heavy plastic with glass like sheen.


A variety of crystal beads like Swarovski bicones are uncommonly important for manufacture jewelry These are originally from the Austria The true Swarovski crystal can refract the brighten in recognizeable rainbow colours. These are colossal quality beads made of glass through largely blown or strained process

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Glass beads

These beads are called the wound, drawn, molded, lantern work, dichroic, furnace glass, surpass crystal and blown glass beads These are fully superior in the jewelry industry The glass beads are recognized for the resplendent colours, the smooth surface the sheen and shine of the beads These beads are a scarcely fresh expensive than the acrylic beads because the process of creation glass beads of different types is highly labour intensive The beads of glass are made from gadgetry further but the ones prepared by esteemed craftsmen passive carry a collection of load in the jewelry making world The glass beads made in Czech Republic called pressed variety and inflame refined are extraordinary revered for their quality.

Metal Beads

These are prepared with the use of die-cast The metal beads can be purchased in different designs and shapes These obtain different flag also. This makes the metal beads fresh durable, less expensive and colourful as well These beads are called spacer beads further because these are used with other benign of beads to give the whole device a unique look

Seed Beads

Seed beads are besides great for forming jewelry. Japanese follower beads are considered correct than the Chinese ones The Czech seeds are not considered quality beads because of the poor worker vessel of these beads Round Bugle beads, hexagonal, cuboid and square kernel beads from Japan and china are available in the market

Wooden beads

These beads are in demand for specially made jewelry that has a benign of ethnic perceive to it These are also available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Wooden beads are not practicable to make but once they are prepared with sanding, drilling and delineation these become plainly eye catching for the connoisseurs of gain jewelry.

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